Wengen Li

Assistant professor

Dept. of Computer Sciences,
School of Electronics and Information, Tongji University
4800, CaoAn Road
Shanghai 201804

Email: lwengen at 163.com

Image: 2015-03/lwg.jpg

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B.sc., Tongji University

PhD, Tongji University & Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Assistant Professor, Tongji University 2019

Research Areas

Query Processing in Spatial Database


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  • 2014.01-now: Spatial keyword query over road networks (NSF, 61373036)
  • 2013.01-2013.12: Data-intensive geographic computing
  • 2011.06-2012.12: Spatial data management under cloud computing (Dawn Program of Shanghai, 09SG23)